In a Land Where Content is King are you the Jester?

If you have done any research into marketing online you already know the phrase, content is king.  It is great advice and advice I give myself but there comes a time when you have to answer the question, are you driving the content or is it driving you?  It goes without saying that content rich sites are the best way to great SEO results but how much is too much?


It is important to have a lot of content but it is even more important to make sure that the content you are publishing is relevant and useful to your customers.  Simply putting up content just to have more content doesn’t really help.  You need to take a good hard look at your already existing content and see what content is evergreen.  If you are not familiar with the term evergreen content

it is content that, like the evergreen tree, always stays fresh.  News articles, data and graphs of current conditions, information on the latest trends are not evergreen.  Evergreen topics will include information that will still be fresh and relevant long after their initial post.  Always be on the lookout for evergreen content because you can store these posts and reuse them and they will still be useful for new customers or repeat customers.  If your content review shows a lack of evergreen content you need to build up your library.


After you review your content and build up your evergreen content you will be able to look at what you already have and make a tough decision, do I really need this new article?  It may be tough but you must resist the urge to create content for content’s sake.  If you have an evergreen post that addresses the topic use that.  Even if this is new information make sure that it is relevant to your customers and information they really need.  If you decide to generate the new content see if there is a way to write it in a way the makes it evergreen.  If there is timely, relevant information you need your customers to see by all means generate the content but single use posts should be the last resort.  


This is not easy particularly if you are the primary content generator.  This content is your bay and you have spent much of your time creating it but you must make sure that your are spending your time and resources as efficiently as possible.  You will thank yourself in the long run.

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