We take the burden of internet marketing from business owners.

Davenport eCommerce is there to help you put your business in front of a global audience!  Maybe you don’t have the time or perhaps you don’t have the knowledge to get your amazing business on the internet.  That’s where Davenport eCommerce comes in.  There are many ways we can market your business.  No matter the size, every business needs an internet presence. We can help you develop and maintain your website, develop a social media marketing strategy, or help place your products on the web. We can feature your products through one of our existing brands, market it to Amazon or eBay marketplaces or create your very own branded online store.  We will put your business in front of the world.

Davenport eCommerce – Putting Your Business In Front of the World

Davenport eCommerce is a diversified internet and social media consultant company and internet retailer. We specialize in online and social media marketing. We want to help you market your small business on the internet. From website design, hosting, and maintenance to management of social media accounts we can help you be more visible on the web. We are also always looking for new products to feature on our branded stores or create a new store around.  If you have a product you want to sell on the internet but do not have the time or knowledge to put it up there yourself we can help. We have many different options for you to chose from with varying levels of involvement for you. We currently operate three stores of our own; The Essence of Soul, William and Mary’s Boutique, and Yvonne Jewelers.  We have more stores coming soon.


Find out what Davenport eCommerce can do for you.  Email us at sales@davenportecom.com or call us at 434-566-0157

About Davenport eCommerce

Tom Davenport has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and has worked with some of the biggest names in online retail.  He takes his experience with companies like Hot Topic, Fanatics.com, and Home Shopping and brings it to small business.  What can we do for you today?


What’s Your Business Story?

Part of our Small Business Marketing moment series on YouTube: What’s Your Business Story? It’s not enough to sell anymore.  People do not want to be sold to.  Modern marketing is all about telling a compelling business story.  What’s a business story?  How do you tell one?  Well, let us show you in this video.

What’s in A (Domain) Name?

Part of our Small Business Marketing moment series on YouTube: What’s in A (Domain) Name? The domain name is one of the big three needs for new small businesses.  What makes a branded domain name so important?  Watch this video for a glimpse and the true value of a great domain name.


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